Asim Jofa’s “RUT, RUNG, RAQS” Celebrates Colors With An Unforgettable Experience Of Tradition!

Asim Jofa

Asim Jofa’s collections have always inspired women to embrace their persona. Even the fashion-ignorant people have most likely heard of Jofa. With his signature style, he continues to improve on perfection and aims to create more buzz and dress Pakistani women fabulously, breaking fashion stereotypes along the way.

Asim Jofa is all set to roll out the biggest luxury Lawn collection of the year. Titled “RUT, RUNG, RAQS… A Legacy, A Journey” is a celebration of colors and an ode to the cultural legacy connecting the dots of the past to unravel the future.

Every design narrates a colorful tale of unparalleled craftsmanship etched to perfection. Vibrant hues are transformed into sheer grandiosity and timeless silhouettes making it one of a kind collection to behold & cherish.

Asim Jofa ropes in three muses for each category

Iqra Aziz celebrates the richness of color with RUNG.

Ramsha Khan reminisces the past in RAQS.

Syra Yousuf embraces a new beginning with RUT.

The combo is woven together and invites you to connect with your roots & find the charm of the beloved homeland which never fades. Jofa makes Lawn base comes alive with articulate designs imbibed with traditional imagery executed to perfection. The luxury Lawn collection is a nod to the cultural legacy. is deeply rooted, made with tireless work capturing the beauty of ethnic motifs & patterns used to create a collection that is a class apart.

In the words of Asim Jofa, “Every day brings a new experience to life & every experience reflects in your thoughts, habits & work. When the Luxury Lawn 2023 started taking shape in my mind a lot of things were coursing through while brainstorming & these three beautiful words RUT,RUNG & RAQS stuck in my mind like a chant. The designs started taking shape in the form of this collection, each design with a story to emulate our rich cultural heritage & values with a touch of nostalgia. I have kept the silhouette long & straight throughout the collection with densely worked ensembles showing you all how I perceived the lawn this year. To me its not just a collection it is an experience which I am proud to share with you all.”

 Pre-booking of Asim Jofa’s limited luxury lawn collection’23 starts on 2nd March 2023.

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