An Interesting Plot And Well-Placed Characters Make ‘Paristan’ A Delightful Watch!

Over the years, HUM TV has cemented its position of delivering back-to-back hits. Their unique content speaks volumes and keeps the masses attracted. And, they continue their winning streak in Ramzan as well. After the humongous success of ChupkeChupke (2021), HUM is back with another Ramzan biggie titled Paristan. The highlight of the show is the magical jodi of Arsalan Naseer and Aymen Saleem aka Hadi and Mishi from ChupkeChupke. So, does Paristan live up to its expectations? Let’s find out…


The Plot


Paristanis a story of Pari (Aymen Saleem) who dreams of a fairy tale life. She lives with her maternal uncle Saife (Safie Hasan). The bone of contention in the house is Safie’s wife Haseena (Javeria Saud) who isn’t fond of Pari and considers her a burden. The only supportive member in the family is Ujala (Merub Ali). Pari is also good friends with her neighbor Kamali (Ali Safina). One day Arsam (Arsalan Naseer) shifts in Pari’s neighborhood. He is dealing with the death of his brother and is the caretaker of his kids. To make ends meet, Pari thinks of giving tuition to Arsam’s nephew and niece and hence their confrontations began. As time passes Pari begins to like Arsam.


The Relatable Characters


What comes across as highly refreshing is the placement of the interesting characters. It’s good to see Mehreen (Naveen Waqar) playing a suspicious woman who doesn’t trust men. Her divorce makes her insecure and her comic timing is just perfect. The Punjabi mom Haseena brings the major laughter moments with her style, accent, and witty one-liners. Ali Safina is affable and lends ample support to the plot. One of the major highlights of the show is Zubaida aka Mira Sethi and Amanullah (Mooroo). Their track is the continuation of their YouTube series and works big time. 


Writing and Directions


Samra Bukhari (writer) does a fine job in bringing out adorable moments garnished with plenty of laughs. The actors don’t have to make unnecessary funny faces to make viewers laugh. Directions by Ali Hassan excels in bringing out the best from his actors but in some places, he does falter. Some scenes could have been executed with a better approach. 


Our Verdict So Far


Summing it up, Paristan excels in entertaining the viewers with an interesting plot and well-placed characters. Twelve episodes down the Ramzan special play has kept the momentum high and is heading towards a steady finale. Garnished with moments of crackling humor Paristan is a joyride you shouldn’t miss.

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