Have you checked Amir Adnan’s latest line of Winter Men’s Shawl?

Amir Adnan’s latest line of Winter

The past few decades have witnessed an interest in shawls. Earlier it was used just as a piece of wrap to protect oneself from the biting cold, today it is also about making a style statement. The word ‘shawl’ comes from the Indo-Persian word shal, which was a fine woven woolen fabric used as a drape.

The cold weather brings its own advantages and the biggest one is being able to invest in quality shawls. Elevate your outfit and simply stay warm with Amir Adnan’s latest line of Winter. The collection reveals a new fresh and distinctive elegant look combining sartorial tradition with comfort and contemporary appeal.

Moon Mist Shawl


Phantom Shawl


Crocodile Shawl


Winter weddings are the best time to flaunt Amir Adnan’s latest line of Winter and make heads turn with your fashion appeal and classy demeanour. Make sure you stock up on these by then. Shop at Amiradnan.com and get your order delivered right to your doorstep. The brand also offers a nationwide fall sale of 50% off.



The Amir Adnan Legacy

At Amir Adnan, you get a lifestyle. The brand strives to achieve perfection and uses the most luxurious fabrics, classic silhouettes, meticulous attention to detail and imaginative style pairings.


For the unversed, 1990 saw the evolution of men’s fashion in Pakistan when Amir Adnan, a business graduate by profession, stepped out to realize his own individual style, at the same time translating it to the demands of a frustrated market. In 1992 he designed his first range of italic jeans, conventional denims block printed with a hint of ethnicity, and launched them in America. The juxtaposition of two seemingly heterogeneous cultures set the international market on fire, giving Adnan his cue to venture up the same path.


Adnan began researching the different dimensions of his newly found passion and in 1994, at a close friend’s wedding, realized that fashion to him would not be about modernizing culture but more about making one’s identity universally acceptable. Today, almost a decade later, Amir Adnan’s design philosophy has evolved clearly, marking itself permanently on the map. His is the largest enterprise of designer clothing in Pakistan, creating a retail and manufacturing structure that can rival an international competitor.

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