Amar Khan’s Class Act Puts Darrar Back On Track

Amar Khan

Sabar Ka Phal Metha Hota Hai, is the perfect phrase to describe Amar Khan’s performance in Darrar. The drama serial started on a fantastic note, viewers were highly invested with the honest, humble and god-fearing Irha. The show that bravely tackles the subject of adultery somehow faced a dip due to the excessive flashbacks (God Knows Why?). We didn’t lose hope because a project starring Amar Khan has to have something substantial to offer. We as an emotional and judgmental nation were busy discussing, what has happened to the strong-headed Irha? Why has she turned into a damsel in distress? Why isn’t she taking a stand against her husband Shaheer Ahmed (Syed Jibran). Finally all the ‘whys’ were addressed in episode 33 of Darrar.

Irha finally discovers Shaheer’s affair with Sajal (Momal Sheikh). She gets furious, questions him and doesn’t forgive him. Shaheer’s misogyny is at its peak, despite accepting his fault, he supports Sajal. Irha feels rejected, she decides to leave with her daughter. Shaheer doesn’t approve of her decision and handovers his daughter to Sajal. Irha prioritizes her self-respect and dignity and exits. Qasam Se, Maza Agaya

Amar Khan has aced the art of selecting the right projects early on in her career. The same cannot be said about most of her peers who are still playing accessories or second fiddles in multi-starrer soaps. Khan has been progressing from strength to strength since her acting debut in Chashm-e-Num (2016). She is minting a genre of her own and Darrar is the latest in order. Amar delivers an A-grade performance and puts her heart and soul into her role. She is in her element and looks absolutely convincing as the devoted wife. She sensitively handles her tough character and the way she performs in episode 33 is seen to be believed.

All said and done, Darrar is back on track, thanks to Amar Khan’s class act. It would be interesting to see the developments in the upcoming episodes

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