Almirah collection for PHBCW 2021


Featuring 16 diverse pieces, Almirah collection for PHBCW 2021 is an amalgamation of the versatile and contrasting design movements of East and West. The collection is inspired by the Baroque art movement of Europe an and Mughal Art of the subcontinent Each article features the intricacy and organic feel of the Mughal aestheticism elevated by the grandeur and magnificence of the Baroque aesthetic style. Subtle floral motifs are blended with bold and ornamental motifs and are designed on modern cuts to create a collection that fits the requirement of a modern day. The palette consists of golden hues with rich browns and deep blacks contrasted by accents like maroons and blues to break the monotony.

The fabrics used are sheer, lightweight, and textured to bring airiness into the pieces and break away from stiffness of the structure. Further texture is added to the garments through the use of embroideries. Each garment intentionally employs two to three different types of fabrics as a play of textures.

The collection showcases everything from formal kurtas, waistcoats, prince coats, and sherwanis.

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