Ali Haider’s comeback song ‘Larallallala Lulu’ hits the right note!

Ali Haider

Away from the limelight for more than a decade, Pop phenomena Ali Haider is back! And how! In the 1990s when music channel charts were throbbing in full force in Pakistan’s pop scene, Haider’s ‘soulful’ voice was the talk of the town. Known for his chartbuster pop hits like Purani Jeans and the foot-tapping ‘Dilbar Jania’, Haider was hugely popular. His hits included Chand Sa Mukhda, Zalim Nazron Se, Tum Se Kehna Tha, Maria, and many others.

And, now the man with the sensuous voice after a hiatus of 10 years is back with ‘Larallallala Lulu’. Ali hopes to have audiences relive with his signature style.


Watch the song here

The video starts with the scene where Ali and his friends team up to make a song. We get a sense of the same from the lyrics like’ Chalo Kuch Kacha Pakka, Hum Bhi Koi Song Banaye’ followed by ‘Agar Hit Hogaya Pyary, Tau Lotri Lag Gai Samjo’. The song delves deep into the futuristic consequences of what will happen if their song turns out to be a hit. I just heard the song again for the fifth time and it does grow on you.


The music by Mirza Shumal and composition – lyrics by Ali Haider are catchy. I love the idea of mixing Punjabi with English because well, I am all for diversity. I want to give a special shootout to Haider’s glasses and sense of style. Directed by Salman Abidi, the video is fun, peppy, and has a contemporary vibe to it. If there’s one thing you can expect from the talented singer, it’s a piece of out-of-the-box music and promises to be interesting.


Here’s hoping for more such melodious music from Ali Haider in future


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