Ali Gul Pir gives a BEFITTING reply to toxic trolls who question his creativity

Ali Gul Pir

Ali Gul Pir is one celebrity who doesn’t shy away to entertain fans by mimicking trending memes while wearing a dupatta or an entire female dress. Pir recently got attacked by some toxic trolls at social media, but the comedian gave them a taste of their own medicine.


It started when Ali posted an image where he funnily recreated American actor’s Lili Reinhart look from this year’s Met Gala. We couldn’t control our laughter due to the loofahs on the dress, they were simply epic.



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This didn’t go well with the moral brigade and his followers. Here’s what they had to say



Ali was quick to react with a tweet, “I will wear what I want to, make want I want to and say what I want to,” he tweeted, unapologetically. “Nobody will define my masculinity or dictate my creativity. Don’t hate me because I make you feel insecure,” said the rapper.


He gave another befitting reply to a troll commenting on his legs, “Legs are naturally not hairy. Every desi man isn’t hairy.”




It’s 2021 and still our nation hasn’t succeeded in moving forward with the atrocious notions of masculinity. Live, let live and make this world a happier place.


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