Aima Baig tops Spotify Pakistan’s list of most streamed female artists in Pakistan

Aima Baig

Aima Baig deserves all the adulations she gets! Her captivating honey touched voice can set souls stirring. According to Spotify Pakistan, Baig topped the list of most-streamed local female artists in Pakistan 2021.

Aima Baig took to Instagram to announce this big moment and called it “A dream come true”


At the age of 26, Aima Baig is also a songwriter and making it big on 70mm as well. Her songs ‘Kalabaz Dil’ from Wajahat Rauf’s ‘Lahore Se Aagay’, established her as a household name. She has recorded multiple OSTs such as ‘Do Bol’ and ‘Aey Zindagi’. Some of her hits songs includes ‘Aya Lariye’, and ‘Malang’.


She has collaborated with multiple well-known artist, including Farhan Saeed, Abdullah Siddiqui, Ali Sethi and Ali Zafar.


The PSL anthem ‘Groove Mera’ was another hit. On a personal note, she got engaged to long-time beau Shahbaz Shigri in March.


Baig is smiling at the recognition and fame she has bagged within such a small time. 2021 has been truly Aima’s year, hope she rocks 2022 as well.

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