Ahad Raza Mir’s‘ Resident Evil’ Row: Should Pakistani Stars Opt for Public Display of Affection?

Our very own desi heartthrob Ahad Raza Mir is on cloud nine. Why wouldn’t he be? The actor joins the list of being the first Pakistani actor to star in a Netflix Original series ‘Resident Evil’. His act as Arjun Batra is receiving praise from all corners, but Pakistani Twitter isn’t happy over one thing, because of one scene in the show where Ahad kisses his costar Ella Balinska.

Resident Evil: The Premise

This story of the web series revolves around a doctor who is trying to bring down the people who caused an apocalypse due to a viral epidemic and also surviving against the infected. Arjun Batra, the character played by Mir is shown as an Indian refugee in the global virus pandemic. He was a researcher at Madrid University where he meets his colleague Jade Wesker.

The Big Deal

Those who have watched the series will agree that it’s a short kiss, or probably a brush on the lips. Unfortunately, this has ruffled the moral police of Pakistan that has no room for Uriyani and Fahashi. Even the hashtag #AhadXResidentEvilNetflix is also trended on Twitter.

The Sajal – Ahad Comparisons

Surprisingly, a user on Twitter drew comparisons between his ex-wife SajalAly. She had once turned down a Hollywood flick that required her to do bold scenes. Twitter can’t stop praising Sajal for her virtuous ways. Check out the tweet.

Should Pakistani Stars Opt for Public display of affection?

Being Muslims and hailing from an Islamic Republic, Ahad would surely be aware of the after-effects of this act. In the past stars like Ali Zafar had started a ‘No-kissing clause’ when he had signed ChashmeBuddoor. Fawad Khan had set the same clause while doingKhoobsurat. SajalAly refused intimate scenes in her Bollywood film ‘Mom’. Citing examples from our arch rivals, Bollywood’s superstar Salman Khan hasn’t kissed on-screen yet. The point is one chooses his or her path and sets the terms and conditions.

Final Word

All said and done, one shouldn’t leave his – her values for work. Actors who retain it get more love and respect. But then who is the jury, who is the judge to decide the start and exit point of the moral values. Fans of Ahad should take it easy, the intimate scene wasn’t vulgar enough to make one uncomfortable. Kissing on screen would not hamper stardom, but would dishearten loyal fans.

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