8 Pakistani Celebrities Who Stepped Down From Showbiz For Religious Reasons!

Pakistani celberities

The entertainment industry of Pakistan with all its glitz, glamour and charm mostly hijacks celebrities. However, there have been many who had the will to change their mind and left showbiz to lead a life according to the preaching’s of Islam. Here’s a list of eight actors who stepped down from showbiz for religious reasons.

Anum Fayyaz

Anum Fayyaz is the most recent celebrity to step down from showbiz to follow a more Islamic lifestyle. She is known for her acting in many popular dramas such as Beqadar and Yeh Chahatein Yeh Shiddatein. On the work front, Fayyaz wasn’t much active on social media and hinted at her religious journey by posting hijab-clad pictures of herself.

Sanam Chaudhry

Sanam Chaudhry who used to be a regular face on television decided to leave the showbiz world post her wedding. She replaced her byline on her Instagram from “Actress” with “Muslim Mother” who is learning Islam. Not just that she removed all photos of herself from her feed.

Abdullah Qureshi

Well known for his covers of many songs Abdullah Qureshi has been a popular name in the music fraternity. In 2022, after going on a short social media hiatus, the singer announced that he has quit music for “religious reasons”. The announcement came after he was accused of harassing women over Instagram DMs. Abduallah admitted the allegations and apologized.

Hamza Ali Abbasi

In 2019, Hamza Ali Abbasi took to Twitter and said that he will make a big announcement by the end of October. A month later Abbasi returned to social media to make his important statement. In a 23-minute video titled ‘From Atheism to Islam’, Abbasi explained his various reasons for stepping away from acting and his plans.

Rabi Pirzada

Rabi Pirzada’s private videos were allegedly leaked online by a couple of girls living with the artist. The videos spread like wildfire and led Rabi to decide on quitting the entertainment fraternity. In a recent interview with Neo Digital, she admitted that she used to be arrogant and haughty in terms of her character. Also, she had a habit of picking on other actors for their scandals.

Noor Bukhari

The Lollywood starlet who once ruled the silver screen turned to religion after her divorce from singer Wali Hamid Ali Khan, her fourth husband. The Mujhe Chand Chahiye actor is seen wearing a hijab and abaya and regularly makes appearances on TV shows to promote the message of Islam.

Zarnish Khan

Zarnish Khan disappeared from the limelight within a wink of an eye. It all happened when she performed Umrah recently. She uploaded pictures of herself standing in front of the holy Kaa’ba. Not just that, she deleted all the previous images, however, no formal announcement was being made.

Feroze Khan

The Khaani actor embarked on a different path in 2020 when he announced on Twitter that he has quit the industry and will act and provide services for the teaching of Islam. What was surprising that he continued to act in dramas despite making the announcement. His last TV project Habs was well received and off late he is dealing with the allegations of domestic abuse against him issued by his wife Alizay Sultan.

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