7th Sky Entertainment Rules Ramadan 2023 With Entertaining & Thought Provoking Content!

There’s no doubt about the fact that no other industry can satisfy our dramatic cravings as compared to the entertainment industry of Pakistan. Content is truly the king; makers who think that they are above content are in denial. In the highly competitive entertainment industry where production houses pump huge sums of money to make dramas work, 7th Sky Entertainment through its inclination towards good content is ruling the industry. The brainchild of Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi continues to rule the prime time in Ramadan 2023 with imprints of spirituality and heavy doses of entertainment in abundance.

Makafaat – Season 5

The crux of Makafaat is to recognize the societal evils under the teaching of Islam, recognize moral values, and be productive members of the society. Based on different short stories, it highlights to re-consider our wrong moves and decisions based on arrogance and most importantly fear karma. Makafaat airs daily at 6:00 pm during ‘Ehsas Ramzan’ transmission which promotes the idea of Ehsaas, empathy and Huqooq-ul-ibaad. 

 Dikhawa – Season 4

Dikhawa showcases stories of how good deeds and decisions win over bad deeds and greed. It is another soul-searching series that features moral-based stories. It throws light on the ground reality of how conspicuous behaviors can results in dreadful penalties. To bring different meaningful lessons to life, the script is penned by different writers. The narrative series airs daily at 3:30 PM during ‘Ehsas Ramzan’ transmission.


The new addition to the GEO family is a special thought-provoking series “Abdullah”. Abdullah is an obedient and intelligent child with empathy and a passion for helping others. The narrative takes viewers on a journey with Abdullah as he learns about various social issues and tries to resolve them with the help of his grandmother through the teachings of Islam. Directed by Shahid Yonus and penned by Amber Azhar & Nadeem Asad, Abdullah inspires and educates viewers of all ages. It airs daily at 5:30 PM.

Heer Da Hero

Ramadan is incomplete without light-hearted comic shows. After the supper success of Chaudhry& Sons (2022), 7th Sky delivers a Ramadansuper hit special yet again in the form of Heer Da Hero. Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi are well aware of the pulse of viewers, they have incorporated all the necessary ingredients like comedy, humor, romance, breathtaking locales, and high production values garnished with smart writing and smooth directions. With memorable performances by Amar Khan and Imran Ashraf, Heer Da Hero emerges as a huge success.

Tere Anay Se

After winning hearts with their intense performance in Qalandar, actor Muneeb Butt and Komal Meer sprung a big surprise with their perfect comic timing in Tere Anay Se. Writer Samra Bukhari’s story has a very wide appeal and works big time. The show that deals with the dynamics of love-hate relationships and family reunions is a laughter riot and full fills expectations. It brings in much-needed cheer and joy serving the purpose of Ramadan special dramas.

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