5 Times ‘Aiman’ from ‘Pardes’ gave us Goosebumps!


Slowly and steadily, she has been building a body of work to prove that she is a path finder a ceiling breaker. Whenever she’s around one can be sure that there is something unusual happening. Dur-e-Fishan Saleem is conquering hearts all across with her stupendous performance in ARY Digital’s mega outing ‘Pardes’. In spite of a stellar star cast, Dur-e-Fishan holds her ground and delivers a towering performance as Aiman. She manages to steal the limelight, melting our hearts and giving us goosebumps several times. We at Fashion Times Magazine have five reasons to say so. Read on…



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1) The Character Transition


Aiman has a deprived childhood as her father Ahsan (Sarmad Khoosat) lives abroad for a living.  She misses him badly, also the attitude of the family isn’t too good. The character takes a 360-degree turn when an all grown up Aiman sees Ahsan finally returning to Pakistan. She is confused how to react and the subsequent illness of Ahsan makes her worried. It’s is a complex, layered character, brimming with emotions for what it means to be human.

2) Awakening Subject


The drama highlights the plight of Pakistanis who sacrifice their family life by working abroad to build a future for those they love and care for. The drama hooks us with its tone of reality and moments of lump in the throat and tears. Resultantly viewer’s empathies with Aiman with complete understanding of the situation and circumstances with a more sensitive approach. She makes you cry; she makes you think and she makes you question. Her pain is felt beyond the screens, her emotions arousing levels of empathy you wouldn’t otherwise experience.




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3) Huge Impact


Watching Aiman in ‘Pardes’ is like watching a portrait being done. An elaborate process that is meticulous, exquisite and brings about a crafty product that our mind isn’t used to watch. What works for the storytelling, is the non-linear approach. Not everything is revealed in sequence. The story reveals important details at key moments, delivering surprises when you least expect it. The icing on the cake is Aiman’s character that has resulted in fostering a connect with the viewers.










4) Never a Dull Moment


Each episode ends with a cliffhanger, leaving the viewer wanting more of what’s next. The makers grab the viewer’s interest by going into flashbacks through Aiman’s childhood thoughts. We are intrigued with many powerful scenes for instance when she refuses to get engaged with Salman (Hammad Shoaib). In another emotional bit, when Aiman confronts her father in the hospital that she doesn’t want to lead a life just like her mother is heart wrenching. The episode at times have a quick montage of some of the most hard-hitting shots, which is equally effective.




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5) Delicious Performance by Dur-e-Fishan Saleem is Pardes biggest highlight


Dur-e-Fishan Saleem has opened up a pathway for herself as she breathtakingly gets under the skin of Aiman.  She powers the wonderfully-written script with a poignant performance as an innocent daughter. The actress has sunk her teeth deep into the character. The pain, vulnerability, anger, love is evident on her face. You can feel all of that even when she has no dialogues. Those eyes are enough. Never has a performer been so effective in tapping this dimension and the actress is extremely convincing with the gamut of emotions she expresses throughout.



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Watch the double episode of Pardes, every Monday from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM – only on ARY Digital.

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