5 Empowering Statements by Urwa Hocane That Will Inspire You To Keep Going

Fearless and unapologetic, that’s what defines Urwa Hocane. She is one actor who never minces her words. She will speak the truth and take stands on issues that matter. Her honest nature makes her the most loved person among people. The actor turned producer has completed 11 years in the industry. Here are the 5 statements by Urwa Hocane that proves she is a true boss lady.



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1. Voicing Opinion

Urwa says that she is here to co-exist and has her thought process, opinions, and creative ideas that shall be heard for a discussion on the table. “I have grown into a person who is not looking for validation. I do bounce back, which is something I practice, and it’s also inbuilt, for which I am very grateful.”

2. Expanding Horizons

After proving her mettle as an actress, Hocane pushed her boundaries and started her first production in 2019. Tich Button is an upcoming romantic comedy movie starring Iman Ali, Farhan Saeed, Sonya Hussyn, and Feroze Khan will be releasing this year. She summarized the motivation of storytelling via film production, “What I feel is that I learned throughout the process. As it is my first production, I have given ample time to the script so that we are 100% sure of what we will be doing on set.”

3. Hungry for Good Scripts

Acting is one thing Urwa enjoys, but sadly she isn’t satisfied with the content. “As of now, the circumstances have led to scripts that are slightly better out of many, a team preference or whatever is saving a drowning project. I don’t know what the writers are writing or what the content teams are making them write. It breaks my heart.”



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4. Fighting Misogyny

There have been instances in the past where Urwa has raised her concerns when it comes to gender discrimination. “Many people have deeply rooted beliefs that a woman shouldn’t have an opinion and shouldn’t communicate much. They come up with a notion that is creating a toxic work environment, and we need to strongly condemn these mindsets. Women need to break out of the box that the patriarchy has put them into.”

5. Keen On Wearing the Directors Hat

Urwa has always been passionate about telling stories behind and in front of the camera. “I never limit myself as far as story-telling is concerned. I’d love to direct someday as well.”

Urwa Hocane Quote Source: Express Tribune

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