Meera Ansari with Fashion Times

1. Describe yourself in three words. Perfectionist, Creative, Patient. 2. What’s your current obsession? Food! And Exploring new restaurants in New York city since I’m here now. 3. What is one thing you still have from your childhood? I have lots of small mementos, I have some drawings I made in kg and class 1, […]

Exclusive: Aijaz Aslam spills the beans on upcoming Eid telefilm

aijaz aslam

I don’t want to start this article by writing conventional things about Aijaz Aslam. Instead, when I look up at his career, I feel he is the most consistent actor and most importantly a person who continues to explore himself with time. His craft speaks volumes and is a treasure for aspiring actors to learn […]

Elegant Eid Outfit Inspiration You’ve All Been Waiting For

eid trends

Eid is knocking at our doorstep; what lies ahead is a joyous time characterized by glitter and glam. People start planning their Eid outfit days in prior and there’s a lot of excitement involved around it. It is imperative that a lot of effort goes into choosing the best outfit. Fashion Times saves your time […]