15 Questions with Sophiya Anjam

1. The three qualities that made you achieve success…
Consistency, empathy & dedication

2. How would your perfect day begin?
When i’m well rested, I see happy faces at home & i’m ready to conquer the world!

3. Which is the funniest meme you’ve ever seen of yourself?
Most of them are around my popular radio phrase ‘A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do’ & it’s interesting to see it flavour up every time!

4. Beach or hills – What do you prefer?
Love both but i’m more of a winter person, so hills it is.

5. What’s your favorite Desi food?
I love the combination of paratha, achar & chai! Even coupling it up with eggs cooked in a desi style & kababs, yum!

6. Heels or flats/sneakers?
Not a fan of flats at all. Sneakers I love but Heels is the winner here! Love how they make me feel

7. Window or aisle seat?
Window seat, always man. Got to appreciate the view & some extra cushion for rest!

8. How many times do you check yourself in the mirror before leaving?
I’m always checking myself in the mirror, it’s something I always do! Modesty be damned, eh? 😉

9. Favorite perk of the job?
You meet strangers who have had an association with your show & just the fact that you have been a part of their lives in ways we never knew, is an indescribable feeling!

10. If you had to relocate to any country, which would it be?
Turkey! It feels like my second home, I absolutely love it.

11. What’s the most used emoticon in your chats?

12. Best career advice you’ve gotten?
Work where you worth is valued & appreciated.

13. What’s your take on infidelity?
It shouldn’t happen ideally. If you are in a serious relationship with someone & claim to love them, then be loyal. If you are unsure or facing issues, tell them & sort it out rather than cheating on them. Trust & respect should always come first. Everyone makes mistakes in life & most deserve second chances, however, patching up after cheating can sometimes never heal what’s broken.

14. What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?
I am a private person when it comes to my personal life. I love my own space, my me time and there are certain wacky things about me, that only my super close ones know off! 🫣

15. What should every woman try once in her lifetime?
Travel solo & get to know yourself. To have a stimulating conversation with strangers & interact with people of different mindsets, cultures, religion & beliefs. To go to places where you’ve never been. Trust me, it changes perspectives & broadens horizons. The power you will get once you know yourself fully, will be unparalleled.

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